Green-backed Greenbacks

Planting Seeds of Hope
March 12, 2014
Making a Real Green House
May 7, 2014

I t can be hard to go green; especially for a business, trust me! All the rules and regulations, changing equipment and office equipment- it costs a lot of money. Bu in the end, going green can save a company a lot in the long run, and keep our environment clean and healthy. Basically, if you want the green, you have to think green!

Going green can save resources and prevent wastage, which is a great way to save money. And believe me, lots of money is being wasted. We print too many documents but throw them away because of little mistakes, or ‘because the boss wouldn’t like it’. We leave office lights on during lunch even though everyone is out. We throw away electronics that are only a little bit faulty instead of fixing them.

One way we can help is by recycling our waste. However, I also think that we can do better than that. One thing I constantly remind my employees of at Cycle Trend is that helping the environment is not just part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), but also our personal responsibility as human beings to take care of Mother Nature.

One good way to start is by using recycled equipment, or stuff made with green-friendly methods. Other power-saving tips I’ve found useful are thing like using green-friendly lights, and turning them off during lunch hour. Finally, putting all your work in digital form and only printing when necessary is a great way to save paper and trees!

Basically, what I'm trying to say is that saving money isn't as important as saving the environment for both ourselves and future generations. That is what real profit looks like – and in the end, isn't making a profit what a company should do?

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