On-site Data Destruction

At Cycle Trend, we offer on-site hard drive degaussing and destruction as well as destruction of confidential documents, allowing our clients to be closely involved with the process of data destruction. With our premium data destruction technology, critical data is cleanly destroyed with minimal fuss.

Protecting Your Data

Data protection is a key consideration for modern businesses. Confidential documents and digital data are potential security threats that can cost millions in lawsuits. Besides protecting employee and customer information in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act, large institutions and small businesses alike need to take action to prevent data theft, identity theft or fraud.

Cycle Trend provides data destruction solutions that put your company’s security first. Our on-site data destruction services help assure that your unused documents and end-of-life electronics are properly destroyed and that the data they contain remains safe.

Assurance and Security at Every Step

Cycle Trend’s specialists ensure that all waste left over from the destruction process will be securely transported in locked containers to our high-security facility for further treatment and recycling. Our full recovery facility is licensed by the Department of Environment. You will also receive an official Cycle Trend Certificate of Destruction for compliance purposes and to provide peace of mind that the data has been completely destroyed.